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about Mariam

Mariam is a Registered Dietician and Life Coach with a bachelor's degree in Science and Dietetics from the University of the Western Cape, also known as Human Nutrition. She currently works alongside Dr Jocelyn Hellig in the therapeutic management and reversal of Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle such as Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Insulin Resistance (including PCOS) Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Hypertension amongst others.


Mariam's wealth of experience includes previously working at Tygerberg Academic Hospital and being their TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) coordinator and managing the Bariatric pre- and post operative surgery patients as well as their relevant support groups.


Other specialties include critical care, GIT and surgical ICU, trauma, burns, pre- and post surgical management and works very closely with specialist surgeons and physicians, including pediatricians as she also worked at Red Cross Childrens Hospital. 


Mariam is a Vitality Wellness Network Dietician which means you can acquire vitality points with her service.

Mariam has a special interest in disordered and emotional eating including behavior modification whilst addressing patterns and habits in order to assist with sustainable change.


Mariam believes in addressing health holistically, meaning that both mental, emotional and physical well-being are all inter-connected and are equally as important."There is no one size that fits all" says Mariam, and that is why she understands and addresses the person as a unique individual taking into account their culture, values, environment and socio-economic situation. She has a non-judgmental approach and strives to build people up, setting realistic and practical goals and inspires them to realize that anything is possible.

For an appointment with Mariam, contact our practice or Mariam directly on:

Tel: +27 76 984 9496


about shandre

Shandre has been working in the practice with Dr Jocelyn Hellig since it's establishment. He serves as the Practice Manager and would be the person to meet and greet you when entering the practice.

Interestingly, Shandre also has a Bachelors Degree from the University of the Western Cape in Sports and Exercise Science and has been actively working in the field of health and wellness since 2008. He also has qualifications in Business Management & Public Relations Management and firmly believes that one is never too old too learn therefor striving to be informed and educated at all times.

Shandre is equipped to assist with any matter involving the practice of Dr Hellig, including the booking of appointments for Dr Hellig, Mariam and Sr Akeeda. 

To get hold of Shandre, please contact him on:

Tel: +27 21 205 1829


about Akeeda

Sr Akeeda graduated Cum Laude with her Diploma in General nursing in 2012 from Life Health Care Nursing College and works as a registered nurse & Diabetic Educator in our practice. Her experience includes that off working in Trauma Units, Neuro-Vascular Units as well as Orthopedic. She has also completed her qualification in ICU nursing.

Akeeda has always taken a keen interest in the management of diabetes and assumes the responsibility of ensuring patients are well informed about their condition(s) and how to properly manage it. Her experience and knowledge gained through courses with the CDE (Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology) assists her in making well informed decisions.

Sr Akeeda works hand in hand with Mariam and Dr Hellig to ensure patients are afforded the best possible care. She is very passionate about people and volunteers at a NPO in community activities. When she is not working, she would most probably be doing some outdoor activities, socializing or listening to music.

Akeeda can be reached on our practice details:

Tel: +27 21 205 1829


about CAYLA

Cayla is a young, motivated and highly inspirational person, forming a vital link in our practice. When contacting the practice, she would be the friendly and welcoming voice behind the phone call to assist you. 

Cayla finished her schooling career at Grantleigh High in KZN, after which she continued her studies at Embury College before relocating to Cape Town. Cayla also completed a course in Autism to supplement her interest in remedial teaching.

Very family orientated, caring and empathetic are but a few of Cayla's attributes, adding great value to the practice because she is always looking at what is best for the patients and how best she can assist. 

Most fittingly, Cayla loves spending time with family and friends, enjoys social gathering and walks along the promenade. When she is not busy doing what she does best in the practice, Cayla is busy volunteering and raising funds to help animal shelters care and look after their "fur babies"

Cayla can be reach on 021 205 1829 ext 2 or 

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