Changes to our operating procedures

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we've had to change the way in which we operate and conduct our day to day activities. This includes general protocols inside our practice for the safety of both our staff and all persons entering our practice. Please see below for updated protocols:

  1. All persons entering the premises are required to wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose. No Mask, No Entry. You are requested to either have a cloth mask or a surgical mask. (No buffs)

  2. All persons entering the premises must sanitize

  3. All patients are requested to come alone OR be accompanied by 1 other person should you be unable to attend the appointment alone. No partners / family members will be allowed to wait in the waiting area while you are in consultation with the Doctor. Guests are welcome to wait in the vehicles or at the coffee shop during this time.

  4. All patients will receive a link for the completion of their particulars prior to the consultation. This must be completed before you come for your appointment as we will not be doing paper forms in our practice until further notice.

  5. With the completion of your personal will also be the Covid-19 questionnaire, which must be completed prior to your arrival on the premises. Unfortunately no patients will be allowed inside the rooms without the completion of the questionnaire.

  6. Should the doctor run late, patients waiting for an appointment will be asked to wait in the corridor (Seating Provided for) until they are called in. 

For everyone's safety, we continue to practice all the required non pharmaceutical interventions of wearing of face masks, sanitizing and maintaining a social distance of at least 1.5m apart. We encourage our patients to do the same.